Blogindlæg: Fordelene ved automation

Advantages of automation in your industry

One of the biggest benefits of automation is the reduced production cost. Though an initial large cost of setting up the automatic system, its quick return on investment outweighs the expenses related to setting up the automated system.

By adding an automated technology to an operation, your company will need fewer employees for your production, since the robot or the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) connected to your machinery will do the jobs your personnel used to do. This mean cutting cost related to having a large staff working in production.

Less human employees also mean a decrease in injuries related to production, since fewer people are needed to work at or near the production machinery. Furthermore, the decrease in personnel and changing to an automated system also means an increase in goods produced and greatly reducing errors made by humans.

The accuracy and reliability you can reach with an automated system on every product produced are also much higher than what a human being is capable of, since the automatic system is not prone to fatigue, being unfocused, or simply unskilled. The automatic system is programmed with predetermined values; therefore, the chances of faults and downtime are very small compared to having a human employee working on the same task.


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